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18th Amendment has broad base positive impact on advertising in Pakistan.

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  • 18th Amendment & Advertising
  • In Pakistan, 18th Amendment in 1973 Constitution has triggered decentralization and devolution. Several federal departments have been shifted to four provincial governments. 18th Amendment will have positive effect on Polio eradication and AIDS control. Volume of authentic research studies and creative advertising will increase in Peshawar and FATA. Public sector dealing ad agencies in Islamabad have showed less business. Sharp ad agencies like Orient, MCOM and Channel7 are hiring experienced ad persons in their regional offices in Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar to remain competitive and profitable. 18th Amendment has no impact on top five ad agencies including Adcom and Interflow as they have been relying on the corporate sector.
  • Daily 10 Minutes has already pinpointed advertising potential in FATA and AJK. APNS has lately terminated accreditation of 8 agencies. Federal government must offer financial incentives to ad agencies to open their branches in Quetta and FATA. Annual budget of federal government has been steadily increasing thus future of advertising is bright in post- 18th Amendment era. Sajid Imtiaz Expert Member, CDKN Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Member, Harvard Business Review Member, Advertising Age Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Feedback: daily10minutespakistan@gmail.com