15 tips to stay young and healthy

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Photo by Photodisc 15 TIPS TO STAY YOUNG AND HEALTHY By Ruchi Garg
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A compilation of tips, that can be easily incorporated in our day to day lives to keep good mental and physical health.

Transcript of 15 tips to stay young and healthy

  • 15 TIPS TO STAY YOUNG AND HEALTHY By Ruchi Garg Photo by Photodisc
  • Wake up before anyone else in the house Meditate, do self counseling, plan your day, work on the unresolved issues without getting distracted by anyone. Photo by angela7dreams
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water as soon as you get up The saliva in your mouth is great for reducing the acidity of the stomach. In the whole day, drink two to three liters of water. Photo by Thinkstock
  • Eat something nutritious with in a few minutes of waking up It kicks up the slow metabolism and makes your body active. Eat food that is nutritious and also readily available in the kitchen like nuts, fruits or dry fruits. Photo by Creatas Images
  • Exercise 3 to 4 times a week Choose the exercises as per your physical condition. Keep changing the exercises. Photo by IvanClow
  • Eat a big nutritious breakfast The digestive power is maximum in the morning so make the best use of it. Photo by Jupiterimages
  • Eat freshly cooked food Food looses its nutrition as it ages so eat it fresh. Prepared food available in the market normally has a lot of preservatives, sweeteners and unhealthy fats to increase Poole shelf life, avoid it as much as possible. Photo by Martin the
  • Do not drink tea or coffee in the morning They slow down your metabolism. If you have to have it, drink it after the breakfast. Photo by Creatas Images
  • Eat small portions every two hours When the body is starving, it goes into the conservation mode and starts to conserve fat. If it gets food every two hours, it will not worry about conserving and burn everything quickly. Photo by Ryan McVay
  • Eat fruits and sweets by themselves as a meal Fruits and sweets are high in calories. If you eat them on an already full stomach, the chances of them converting into fat are much higher. Photo by Jupiterimages
  • Take a power nap after lunch Preferably on the left side. This allows your body to focus on digestion only. If the nap was longer than 20 minutes, the food will be converted into fat because of inactivity. Photo by Photos.com
  • Don't eat fried food in fast food restaurants The continuously heating oil releases toxins, which get consumed with the food. Photo by Eising
  • Eat less in the evening The body's digestive power is at it's lowest towards the end of the day. Eat easy to digest foods in small portions in the evening. Eat raw fruits and vegetables early in the day. Photo by chrissy polcino
  • Eat your dinner minimum two hours before you sleep Give body a chance to digest it before it retires for the day otherwise it will rot in your stomach undigested. Photo by Kevin Forest
  • Rinse your mouth with alum water before you go to sleep That is, if you want to keep your teeth healthy for a long time. Photo by Christopher Robbins
  • Reflect on your day before you sleep Check what didn't go well and how you could improve it next time. Photo by beedieu
  • Thank You.