15 reality check for pitch presentation

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I was share this presentation at StartupLokal meet up 44. It was my experience during pitch with some investor. Hope it will help you to develop a winning pitch presentation for your startup.

Transcript of 15 reality check for pitch presentation

  • 15 Reality Check for Pitch Presentation by: sumartok
  • To Pitch or Not to Pitch #1
  • failure is okay #2
  • Dont be a single founder #3
  • There is no Rejection Forever #4
  • Know the investor and portfolio in detail #5
  • Build the right pitch deck content #6
  • Investor want to know Problem Solution Why Now? Market Size Competition Product Business Model Team Financial
  • Solve Real Problem, Big Enough, Pain Killer #7
  • One sentence to pitch your idea #8
  • My company (company name) is developing (a dened oering) to help (a target market) (solve problem) with (secret sauce) The famous Adeo Ressi Elevator Pitch
  • Pick the right MARKET SIZE #9
  • 1.9 Billion+ 532 M 10.6 M Trips Booked (Worldwide) Total Available Market Budget & Online Serviceable Available Market Trips With AirBnb Share of Market
  • Speak about your competitors honestly #10
  • Avoid vanity metrics #11
  • Show your strength and expertise area #12
  • KISS Keep It Simple Slide #13
  • More tips on http://www.slideshare.net/presentonomics
  • You dont have to know all the answers #14
  • Good founder, product and market are always win #15
  • Need help? [email protected] +62 813 8628 2280 http://www.slideshare.net/presentonomics