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  • 1. PopularLateralThinkingPuzzles
  • 5. Lateral thinkingMany problems require a different perspectiveto solve successfully -- Edward de Bono
  • 6. Two mathematicians aresitting opposite to eachother for a cup of coffee.They looked at thematter written on thepaper which is kept onthe table . One said Its Wrong,another said Its Right.Both are correct.How is it possible? Whatis written on the paper? ?
  • 7. Answer:
  • 8. I + IX = X Right
  • 9. WrongI + IX = X
  • 10. There are six eggs in thebasket. Six people eachtake one egg, how can itbe that one egg is left inthe basket?
  • 11. Truck height is 1 inch taller thantunnel heightThen how the truck passesthrough the tunnel
  • 12. Answer:Deflate the tires till the truck height is lesserthan tunnel height.
  • 13. A police officer saw a truckdriver clearly going thewrong way down a one-way street, but did not try Why ?to stop him.
  • 14. First thoughts
  • 15. ButAnswer:The truck driver waswalking on the one-waystreet
  • 16. Three of the glasses are filled with cool drink;the other three are empty. By moving only oneglass, can you arrange them so the full andempty glasses alternate
  • 17. The school inspection A schoolteacher knew that the school superintendent would visit the next day. The superintendent would ask questions such as spellings or mental arithmetic of the class, and the teacher would choose a pupil to answer. The teacher wanted to give the best impression of the school. What instructions did she give the children, in order to create the best impression and maximise the chances that the right answer was given to each question?
  • 18. Teacher instructed the students to raisehand for every question but with onecondition i.e. those students who know right answerwill raise their right hands and those students who do not know theanswer will raise their left hands
  • 19. Remove 2 matchsticksfrom this figure to make2 squares remain
  • 20. Answer:
  • 21. Two trains are crossing the country,from coast to coast, over 3,000 milesof railroad track.Train A is going from west to east at70 miles per hour, and Train B is goingfrom east to west at 80 miles per hour.Which train will be closer to the westcoast when they meet?
  • 22. Train A 70 miles per hour 80 miles per hour Train B
  • 23. Train A
  • 24. Which train will be closer to the west coast when they meet?Now !!!You know the answer.Both trains are atsame distance fromwest coast when themeet.
  • 25. A man called to a waiter in a restaurant, "Theresa fly in my tea!"The waiter replied, "I will bring you a fresh cup."After a few moments, the man called out, "Thisis the same cup of tea!"How did he know?
  • 26. Hint is here only.Try
  • 27. Answer:The man had already put sugar into the tea.
  • 28. A black man dressed all in black, wearing a blackmask, stands at a crossroads in a totally black-painted town. All of the streetlights in town arebroken. There is no moon. A black-painted carwithout headlights drives straight toward him,but turns in time and doesnt hit him.
  • 29. Answer: Its broad daylight.
  • 30. Manhole CoversWhy is it better to have round manhole coversthan square ones?
  • 31. Side is smaller than diagonal of square cover.It means, there is a chance that the cover mayfall inside.
  • 32. So round cover is better
  • 33. Make the line smaller without erasing it
  • 34. Draw another line larger than the existing oneadjutant to it.Now the first line is smaller
  • 35. Interviewer -- He ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. Coffeearrived kept before the candidate, then he asked what is beforeyou?Candidate: Instantly replied "TeaHe got selected. Why?
  • 37. Arrange four tennis balls in such a way that thedistance between each ball is same.
  • 38. Arrange it in equilateral-triangle - pyramid shapeso that distance between each tennis ball is same
  • 39. Two persons are sitting with a table in betweenthem but they can not see each other.Why?
  • 40. They are sitting in the opposite direction and notfacing each other
  • 41. A presentation byDr.P.Madar ValliProfessor, Industrial Engineering Department,GIT, GITAM UniversityVisakhapatnam, India.drpmv@yahoo.com ; drpmv@gitam.edu