12 Essential Benchmarks for B2B Marketers

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Essential Benchmarks For B2B marketers

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Earnest's top 12 essential benchmarks for B2B marketing professionals. Statistics about budget, channels, social media, ROI and a bunch of other key facts for marketers.

Transcript of 12 Essential Benchmarks for B2B Marketers

  • Essential BenchmarksFor B2B marketers

  • 12 of the best B2B benchmarks from Earnests latest e-book, Essential Benchmarks for B2B Marketers


    Essential Benchmarks Top 12 Highlights

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  • 79% of C-suite executives agree that not measuring ROI makes it hard to justify investment in marketing budgets.

    (Source: b2bmarketing.net)


  • 9.31% the average size of a marketing budget in 2014 vs. 6.8% in 2013.(Source: CMO Survey)


  • 27% of B2B marketing budgets are now spent on digital strategies.

    (Source: dmnews.com)


  • 34% of all the leads generated in 2013 came from inbound sources. (Source: MarketingProfs.com)


  • 0593% of B2B marketers are now using content marketing, and finding that it delivers 3 times more leads than traditional marketing. (Source: Marketingprofs.com)

  • Best in class marketers generate about 17.5% of their leads via social media.

    (Source: marketingcharts.com)


  • 3.4% the response rate for letter sized DM vs. 0.12% for email.(Source: marketingcharts.com)


  • Personalising your direct mail can go a long way, improving response rates by 3-10 times.(Source: briefyourmarket.com


  • 45.9% of emails were opened on a smartphone in 2013.

    (Source: yesmail.com)


  • 65% of B2B marketers have acquired a customer through LinkedIn more than Facebook (43%) and Twitter (40%).(Source: marketingcharts.com)


  • Organic search still accounts for up to 40% of referrals for B2B websites.

    (Source: forbes.com)


  • 95% of B2B professionals say that face to face meetings are essential for the development and retention of long term relationships.

    (Source: hbr.org)


  • That was just some of the highlights from the Essential Benchmarks for B2B Marketers e-book

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