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Transcript of 101 $$$ - Game business models lecture - Ludicious Conference

  • 1. $$$ 101Andr Bernhardt 19.09.14Use more twitter: @Indie_advisor - #ludiciousfest

2. What to expect today? Short introduction of myself (and yourself) View into the past Look at today Going indie Business models breakdown Outlook into the future Questions 3. 1997 JanOkt1998Jul2000Apr2002Jan2004Okt2005Jul2007Apr2009Jan2011 2012/131/8/20041/1/1997Retail business:PC / consoleRetail14Online/ MobileGamesF2P/ DigitalWho am I 4. 2014 // www.egesummit.com 5. 2008 6. A happy hour at Seafightgenerates 50.000 cash2008immediately. 7. Seafight by Bigpoint 8. Wintersports DS by 49 Games/ RTL Games 9. Random DS title 150 k Development 200 k Cost of goods 60 k estimated netrevenue= 350 k RiskVs. 50 k risk for abrowsergame 10. [Buchtipp] Chris Anderson: Free - http://amzn.to/XjGQVqThe Long Tail - http://amzn.to/XjHPoy 11. 2009 12. []2010 13. Free-to-play a cure-all? Free-to-play is hard work No fire and forget Live-Team, support, etc. necessary.. Marketing CPA, CPI, CPL, WTF, etc. Many more problems.. Many things regarding f2p are complicated& s*ck 14. Once: The perfect world Pitch B2BSell-inSell-throughPublishingB2C 15. Today: CHAOS 16. 2012 17. http://bit.ly/1grMq3H 18. http://bit.ly/1grGeZB 19. http://bit.ly/1grGzvt 20. Megagon Industries - .and then it rained 21. Retail (Assassins Creed X, CoD X,etc.) Digital Distribution (Steam) In-Game Advertising (Fifa) Advertgames (Americas Army) Try Before you Buy / Trialware /Shareware, Episodic Entertainment (Telltale), Skill-Based Progressive Jackpots(Poker), Subscription Model (WoW) Micro-Transactions (Travian, etc.), Sponsored Games / Donationware(serious games, games for good,charity games), Pay per play / Pay as you go / Payfor Time, Player to Player trading of VirtualItems (Steam Trading), Sell Access to your Players (likelead generation, special offers etc.), Freeware (get lots of users), Loss Leader (focus on your realgoal), Peripheral Enticement(Skylanders), Player to Player Wagering(GameDuell), User Generated Content (lettingusers make endless new content), Pay for service (Storage, Privateserver, Cloud stats: CoD Elite,Minecraft Realms), Rental, Merchandise (Angry Birds), Pre-Sell the Game to the Players(Prison Architect, Minecraft).Overview of (actual) business models 22. Mobile Games Monetization Reporthttp://bit.ly/1t7cqlq 23. I am not looking into content butinto communitiesI dont look at anything that isntat least free-to-play orunconventional at themonetisation part.http://www.twitch.tv/gamesbeat/c/5133597 24. [Buchtipp] Business Model Generationhttp://amzn.to/XKPrSB 25. http://bit.ly/tictaptoe 26. http://bit.ly/1grOJUq 27. http://bit.ly/1jRr5BB 28. http://www.hammer-labs.com 29. http://www.getsocial.bar 30. http://www.gameloop.io/ 31. http://spaceteamadmiralsclub.com 32. Takeaway Choose the ocean you want to swim in If you want to be a successful self-publishingIndie developer dont just thinkabout making a great game ( but thats stilla prerequesite) Rethink your business model Follow me on twitter ;) 33. Thx for your [email protected][email protected]/in/andrebernhardt/All Book recommendations: http://bit.ly/14zdgkb