10 states with high mortgage delinquency

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10 States With The Most Delinquent Mortgages
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Transcript of 10 states with high mortgage delinquency

  • 10 States With The Most Delinquent Mortgages
  • 10. North Carolina North Carolina is the only nonrecourse state on this list If a North Carolina homeowner defaults on a mortgage, the lender has no rights to go after his/her other assets This makes strategic default a more popular option in North Carolina 33,734 delinquent loans Flickr/Ryaninc
  • 9. Georgia Even though a lot of loans are delinquent, Georgia has one of the lowest rates of serious (90+ day) delinquencies Just 13.2% of GAs loans are seriously delinquent (U.S. average is 30.8%) 40,285 delinquent loans Flickr/Chuck Kohler
  • 8. Ohio Even though there is still a high rate of delinquency, Ohios market has improved recently Ohios delinquency rate dropped from 7.9% to 6.5% of loans over the first three months of 2014. 41,547 delinquent loans John Baden
  • 7. Pennsylvania Pennsylvanias delinquent homeowners are getting help; during the first quarter, the state had one of the highest rates of loan modifications in the country 48,983 delinquent loans Wikipedia/ Jleon 310
  • 6. Texas Texas has a relatively low inventory of foreclosed homes, so its market will be better able to absorb future foreclosures than many other states For example, Florida has more than 30,000 foreclosures on the market, compared with less than 3,000 in Texas 50,059 delinquent loans Wikipedia/ Ergosum88
  • 5. Illinois Even though there is still a ways to go, Illinois is one of the most improved housing markets of 2014 Total amount of delinquent loans dropped 14.4% in the first quarter 58,569 delinquent loans Wikipedia/ mindfrieze
  • 4. New Jersey Not only does New Jersey have a lot of delinquent loans; it has the highest rate of serious (90+ days) delinquency in the country 6.1% of ALL NJ loans backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac are seriously delinquent 72,379 delinquent loans Wikipedia/ Ali Imran
  • 3. California Even though California has the 3rd most delinquent loans, it is a relatively low percentage of the total (just over 2.1%) So, California is actually one of the healthier housing markets on the list 78,541 delinquent loans Flickr/ Loren Javier
  • 2. New York New York has a lot of delinquent loans, but they are also getting a lot of help 6% of all foreclosure prevention actions in 2014 have occurred on NY mortgages 83,956 delinquent loans Wikipedia/ Terabass
  • 1. Florida The high delinquency is no surprise, as Florida was one of the hardest- hit states during the mortgage crisis Additionally, the foreclosure process can take years in Florida 143,479 delinquent loans Public domain
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