10 Simple Ways To Be Happier

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Transcript of 10 Simple Ways To Be Happier

  • 10 simple ways to be happier Confidential. Happier, Inc. 2013
  • Theres science on what makes us happier. And then there are real-life experiences of people who are happier.
  • Told through the happy moments shared by the Happier community, here are 10 simple, fun, and inspiring ideas on how to be happier
  • 1. Surprise someone
  • by throwing a surprise party
  • getting tickets to a concert
  • bringing over a friend
  • driving to see your dad after surgery (or just because)
  • 2. Get outside and get your heart pumping
  • by taking a walk on your lunch break
  • sneaking in a run in the morning
  • taking a short bike ride
  • or a long one
  • 3. Contribute to a cause you care about
  • you can donate your hair
  • money
  • your baking skills
  • or your clothes
  • 4. Take the time to make your morning awesome
  • kick off the day with some tunes you like
  • squeeze in a workout
  • get some air and chill time
  • enjoy a slow start if you can
  • 5. Do something creative
  • paint
  • revive an old dresser
  • create your own card
  • make some jewelry
  • play an instrument
  • 6. Spend time with friends
  • indulge in ice cream
  • ride some motorcycles
  • run a tough race together
  • enjoy some awesome food
  • 7. Appreciate beautiful stuff all around you
  • awesome murals
  • blooming flowers
  • water wherever you can see it
  • cool buildings
  • 8. Make plans you cant wait for
  • to go bowling
  • see your family
  • catch up with friends youve not seen in a while
  • visit a place youve not been
  • 9. Tell someone at work theyre awesome
  • if they did a great job
  • worked their butt off
  • if you dig what theyre wearing
  • or think they need a pick- me-up
  • 10. Appreciate your lucky breaks
  • being late but still catching your bus
  • getting pulled over but avoiding a ticket
  • having something break while still under warranty
  • finding something you thought youd lost
  • Download our iOS app or share your happy moments on Happier.com and we may include them in our upcoming book 100 simple, fun, and inspiring ways to be happier!