10 Reasons to Embrace Coalitions

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Coalitions are effective and efficient vehicles for exchanging knowledge and ideas, and planning and implementing powerful community strategies. Explore ten advantages of working in partnership that may not have occurred to you before!

Transcript of 10 Reasons to Embrace Coalitions

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Coalitions & Partnerships Fran Butterfoss, PhD President, Coalitions Work
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Demonstrate & develop support & responsibility for a community issue
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Maximize the power of individuals and groups through collective
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Build strength & cohesiveness by connecting individuals &
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Improve trust & communication between agencies & organizations
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Increase community participation & leadership
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Mobilize diverse talents, resources & strategies
  • Change community norms & social acceptability of risky behaviors Coalitions & Partnerships
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Share costs & associated risks
  • Coalitions and Partnerships Share power to reduce potential conflicts
  • Coalitions & Partnerships Reach outcomes that any one organization could not do alone