10 Life Hacks for Better Productivity

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Session given in India to cover 10 productivity tips for getting the most out of your day.

Transcript of 10 Life Hacks for Better Productivity

  • 10 Life Hacks For Better Productivity SimonGuest,Neudesic
  • 10.Where isyourtime going? Analyze your calendar - pie chart of your time Use RescueTime How much time doing work vs. Facebook?
  • 9. GTD Methodology Learn GTD (Getting Things Done) Methodology from David Allen Most people do not have a system for managing their workload Many people still carry everything in their head
  • 8.Task Organization Many different task lists around Experiment with the ones that work with you, and learn to trust it My favorite is a variant of TaskPaper
  • 7. Capture Ideasatthe RightTime The best ideas come at some really random times -- Shower, in bed, at grocery store, etc. Pen and paper by the bed - I thought of this presentation at 5.20am on Sunday! Email/call myself a task when I'm on the road
  • 6.ApplyAgile Principlestoyour workweek Weekly sprint to plan week Daily "standup" to check task list Regular backlog grooming
  • 5. Learnto Delegate If there is nothing to learn, and your participation is non critical, delegate Not direct order, but maybe an opportunity for someone more junior to learn? Delegate using SMART technique -- Specic, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely
  • 4. UseTools More Efciently What are your mundane tasks? Common tools are so powerful, but underused most of the time Learn keyboard shortcuts - how much can you do without touching the mouse?
  • 3. Structureyour day When do you work your best? Morning or Afternoon? -- Structure the day accordingly Dedicated time for catching up with news/email -- Then shut it all off while you work For creative/development time, make sure you take breaks -- Pomodoro Technique
  • 2.What'syour hourlyrate? Set yourself an hourly rate based on your income level For example, $50 per hour Would you pay $100 to attend that 2 hour meeting?
  • 1. Mind/BodyConnection The mind cannot function effectively without good health -- Sleep: Minimum of 8 hours -- Exercise: Everyday -- Food: Diet that improves your mental performance Don't be frightened to prioritize your health -- Avoid the mindset that 80 hour work week makes you a hero
  • TopTenAgain --- 10. Where is your time going? --- 9. GTD Methodology --- 8. Task Organization --- 7. Capture Ideas at the Right Time --- 6. Apply Agile Principles to your day --- 5. Learn to Delegate --- 4. Use Tools More Efciently --- 3. Structure your day --- 2. What's your hourly rate? --- 1. Mind/Body Connection
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