10 Exotic and Delicious Tropical Fruits

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A fruit that was banned from public transportation for being too smelly. A fruit so sour your lips will definitely pucker. And a fruit white and gloppy with big seeds inside. What do they all have in common? These exotic fruits are all native to the tropics and you'll likely encounter them as you cruise around the world. If you want to try them, be prepared to search. You might find Dragon Fruit in your supermarket, but most of these like to stick with their tropical homes.

Transcript of 10 Exotic and Delicious Tropical Fruits

  • 10 EXOTIC FRUITS Rare, weird fruits from tropical climates you wont find in your supermarket
  • NARANJILLA From: South America How to eat: Cut the fruit into two halves and scoop out the insides. Its best in juice or dessert. Tastes like: Very sour with a pineapple-lemon taste. The Naranjilla became known to North Americas as a beverage at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair.
  • RAMBUTAN From: Indonesia and Malaysia How to eat: Break the shell and crack it open. Carefully take out the seed and enjoy. Tastes like: Tart Lychees Rambutan is also great in cocktails!
  • MANGOSTEEN From: Southeast Asia How to eat: Score the rind around the middle and pull the top half off. Eat the insides like you would an orange. Tastes like: Sweet with hints of strawberry, vanilla and even caramel. The Mangosteen Tree can grow to heights of 75 feet.
  • SOURSOP (GUANABANA) From: Caribbean, Central America, Northern South America How to eat: Cut it in half and scoop out the insides. Take out the seeds and add to your smoothie or ice cream. Tastes Like: Sweet vanilla and pineapples mixed with citrus notes Soursop is great in ice cream!
  • PASSION FRUIT From: South America How to eat: Scoop out the insides and toss the skin. Freeze the seeds in ice cube trays for later enjoyment. Tastes like: Juicy and tart (add sugar) Make it into a syrup thats great in cocktails
  • DURIAN (KING OF FRUITS) From: Southeast Asia How to eat: Take a deep breath, cut it up and eat the pulp inside. Tastes like: Sweet and creamy. If you can get past the smell, that is. Be prepared for a bad smell- the Durians smell has gotten it banned from some hotels and public transportation.
  • DRAGON FRUIT From: Southeast Asia How to eat: Cut it in half, scoop out the insides and cut into chunks. Try adding it to your salad. Tastes like: Mildly sweet and refreshing - like a melon Grows on a cactus that blooms for only one night per fruit cycle.
  • FEIJOA From: South America How to eat: Wash it well and then take a bite! You can Eat the fruit like an apple or if you prefer to stay away from the peel cut it in half and scoop out the flesh. Tastes like: Juicy pineapples and sweet strawberries Fejioa makes a great and Refreshing ice cream or sorbet.
  • STAR FRUIT From: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India How to eat: Wash it well and cut crosswise into slices to form a perfect star Tastes like: Smaller fruits are tart, larger fruits are very sweet Star fruit is a great in salads or dipped in chocolate.
  • PHYSALIS From: Mexico How to eat: Remove the husk and eat raw, toss in salads or use it to make preserves Tastes like: Sweet, tart and very refreshing Physalis is similar to a small tomato or tomatillo.
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