10 Best Smile Makeover Options

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10 Best Smile Makeover Options

10 Best Smile Makeover OptionsBy J B Dentistry in Diamond Barhttp://www.jaybhattdds.com

1. Porcelain VeneersPorcelain is designed as ultra-thin, tooth shaped covering that can be placed over the front existing teeth and is bonded safely. Veneers are used to change the appearance of one tooth or even more Only two consultations are requiredInstantly and permanently changes the way your smile looks!! It covers your teeth imperfections like chipped, crooked, stained or worn out teeth. Also called 'dental veneers' are the best option to enhance your facial aesthetics.

2. Teeth WhiteningBest choice if you are in need of quick holiday season makeover.Done in office, takes single appointment and the results are completely natural looking.One of the common dental procedures usually patients seek to improve the appearance of stained or discolored teeth due to aging, smoking and eating habits.Two types of whitening treatmentsIn-office whitening trayAt-home whitening trayRegular application of whitening solution of at-home whitening tray helps you maintain whiter teeth for few hours in the day or overnight.

3. Dental BracesEffective in treating dental issues including malocclusion, misaligned teeth, and overbites.Affordable than ever before.

The best way for grownups to enhance their look.Invisible braces use innovative technology to move your uneven teeth to their right places.A major smile design dental concern for fixing misaligned teeth.

4. Dental ImplantsCreates a smile makeover plan for those who are unhappy with missed teeth or slipping dentures.Dramatically, offers natural look and more functional tooth safely by promoting natural bone growth.Poor fitting dentures are secured and supports for sufficient bone growth and retention.Provides better oral health for long periods.Not only improves your smile appearance but it can also restore its functionality.

5. Tooth-Colored FillingsAnother best smile makeover option to replace your old silver and mercury fillings. Impossible for others to find out whether you have done any dental work.

Filling material exactly matches to your existing teeth color and is hard to distinguish.Used to renew the way of decayed teeth looks.

6. Porcelain CrownsPatients with extreme tooth decay, fractured tooth or excessive worn out tooth can get solutions for all these dental problems with Porcelain Crowns.Crowns are comfort and designed to match your real natural teeth.Provides great support to your teeth from further damage.Nobody will see and detect when you have them.Covers dental flaws and increases the length of the teeth.

7. Gum ContouringSimple and safe procedure using laser technology to restore confidence in your smile.Treats uneven or excess gums by removing extra gum line.Fast healing process after the procedure is done and the results are instant.

When combined with other cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers or crowns can help even beautify your smile.Works well for receding gums and improves overall teeth and gum health.

8. Cosmetic BondingExcellent for your exposed tooth roots, decayed teeth or small flings can also be considered. A good choice if you are considering your budget since it is cost effective.Repairs chipped teeth and fill the gaps between teeth.Bonding resin material is specially designed to exactly match your existing natural looking teeth.

Easy, simple and quick procedure that can treat your minor dental imperfections.

9. Dental BridgesPerfect for missing teeth and makes you feel comfort and can have a comfortable bite.Improves your chew and speaking ability than beforeKeeps you at lower risk for having gum diseases.Required just few hours of appointment to fit the braces than any other procedures.Restores and maintains the structure of face and mouth. Also prevents further dental issues.

10. Porcelain Inlays/OnlaysBest option when your teeth require small fillings. Permanently placed over the tooth surface and cemented for lasting durability.Gives you a complete natural look of your existing teeth and exactly matches your enamel.Great option to improve your aesthetics as it is resistant to any stains and fading.Minimizes your risk of having cracked tooth and the most advantageous thing is it may not expand or even shrink.

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