1 M1 M Ambassadors Deliverables

Sramana Mitra 1M / 1M


These are the deliverables that 1M1M ambassadors should focus on as they work with EDOs.

Transcript of 1 M1 M Ambassadors Deliverables

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Sramana Mitra

1M / 1M

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To help 1M entrepreneurs reach $1M in revenue and beyond.


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1M/1M Ambassadors will use social media to create meaningful partnerships

with entrepreneurship development organizations around the world


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IncubatorsUniversity Entrepreneurship Programs (MIT

Deshpande Center)University Entrepreneurship Clubs & e-Cells

(e.g. IIT Bombay)Alumni Groups (e.g. MITCNC)Professional Groups (e.g. SVASE, ASTIA)Ethnic Groups (e.g. TiE, Silicon French)Government Programs (e.g. Singapore)Etc.

Entrepreneurship Development Organizations (EDOs)

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Online Roundtables Deal Radar series on the blog:

Showcase entrepreneurs from the various networks Find and profile companies that have hit $1M in revenue May introduce a new series called Campus Radar or Incubation Radar for

smaller companies We will develop additional resources

Private online CEO lounges Access to angel investors and VCs Founder match-ups Business development Early adopter customer validation Startup jobs Service providers for outsourcing In-person Meetups Etc.

Books, blogs, columns: Portable mentoring devices to propagate the methodology


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Two key efforts

How do we get to 1M / 1M?

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50 ambassadorsEach manage 20 EDO partnerships

Promote roundtables, and engage entrepreneursIn each EDO, ambassadors will need to develop

10 internal ambassadors who will multiply the effect by another factor of 100

(50 x 20 x 10) x 100 = 10,000 x 100 = 1MEach ambassador, thus, brings in and nurtures

20k entrepreneursEach internal ambassador brings in and

nurtures 100

First, get 1M entrepreneurs engaged in the movement

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DemystificationIdea validationBootstrappingPositioningGo to MarketTAM AnalysisFinancingOther

Then, get them to follow the EJ methodology

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Identify your core group of 20 EDOs: Ruchi Sharma is doing some research to help you But it is your responsibility to identify the EDOs you

plan to focus on Contact the EDO leadership and influencers:

Use the EDO pitch to explain the mission and the vision, as well as the mechanics and what’s in it for them.

Get them to attend the roundtables As an ongoing “touch” mechanism, add the people

you are working with to Maureen’s Roundtable Supporter email list so that they receive the weekly roundtable invitations every Friday.

Ambassador Deliverables

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Follow-up: Once they have attended a roundtable and got the

flavor of the program, follow-up to see what they thought, and how engaging the startup companies within their organization would help them.

Close the deal: If they agree to partner, work with Maureen to add

them to the right lists, get their logos on our site, etc. Work the EDO:

Ask for a list of 10 entrepreneurs who would benefit from the program, and get them to follow the methodology, and bring them to pitch at the roundtables.

Ambassador Deliverables (contd. - 1)

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Internal Ambassadors: From among those within the EDOs who are

using the program, develop internal ambassadors.

Internal ambassadors should do exactly what you do, but with a group of entrepreneurs within the EDO / geography they are in.

As we develop the internal ambassadors, our penetration of the geo / EDO will become deeper.

Each 1M1M ambassador needs to develop 10 Internal ambassadors.

Ambassador Deliverables (contd. -2)

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Further penetration into the EDO/Geo: For every entrepreneur who is ready to pitch,

there are at least 100 who are not. Conceivably, the Internal Ambassadors can run

classes within the EDO to prepare entrepreneurs to pitch at the roundtables (and consequently to customers, partners, investors).

1M1M ambassadors can also run such classes within the EDOs in your geo.

The goal is to get entrepreneurs oriented to the basics of the methodology and utilize the resources we’re putting together.

Ambassador Deliverables (contd. -3)

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Connecting the dots:Much of business success is about connecting

the dots. I have a large network that I am willing to put to work for 1M1M.

To the extent you feel comfortable, you can both access the network, as well as get the broader 1M1M community to leverage it.

This is why, I encourage all of you, your EDO contacts, the entrepreneurs – to use LinkedIn extensively. It is the easiest way for us to use the network for customer validation, developing business partnerships, finding investors, etc.

Role of the Network

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There is a host of additional services that we could offer, but until we have critical mass and can start getting some sponsors, it would be difficult to finance high quality services such as:A private 1M1M CEO loungeA 1M1M Mentor networkA 1M1M Angel networkA deal screening service that presents a set of

screened deals to mentors, investors, or VCsSo, our immediate goal is to close 1000 EDO

partnerships, and get to 1 million entrepreneurs following the basic EJ methodology.

Follow-on Services for 1M1M