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2. TIPS & INSIGHTS: Maximizing Publisher Site Monetization Shir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network 3. Generating more fromyour websiteRebuilding your webpage Flooding it with ads Disrupting user experience 4. Follow critical steps to set up your ads Site Layout Utilizing your Ad Network | User Experience | 5. What they See is What you Getwww.uservision.co.uk 6. Avoid Banner Farms 7. Stick to the Standard 728X90 468X60 300X600160X600 120X600300X250 8. Show me the Money!+200%eCPM 9. Add Special Formats Wisely 10. Fast Forward to Video $1.3B in video ad spending in H1 2013 (6% of $20B total) 69% of marketers to expand video budgets in next 12 months Its a sellers market = High CPMs*IAB Study, 2013 11. Fast Forward to Video BE THERE! Get a player (your ad network should have) Create video content Sell your new real estate *IAB Study, 2013Pre/Mid/Post-rolls, small player, large player, etc. 12. Promote your ContentIncrease user engagement & site experience (avoid dead end) Increase site traffic Personalize your widget internal, ads, traffic exchange, design 13. Working with your ad networkEducation EntertainmentFinanceShoppingNewsSoftwareGames 14. Dont Judge Based on Doggy-bag Traffic 1st Imp4th Imp12th Imp 15. ENJOY THE HALO EFFECT Customized Buying plansGuaranteed Early Imps+ Exclusivecampaign rates+ DedicatedAdvertiser budgetsFilled Remnant Imps 16. Dont Limit the Verticals 17. Dig Deep to Find the Gold Target by day part, site section, user groupAd special format for maximized yield 18. Thank You www.matomy.comShir Ross, Manager of Publisher Network [email protected] mshirsaraross 19. MONETIZATION MORNING 20. Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic Alexander Tsatkin VP Mobile 21. Defining Mobile Traffic 22. Think Mobile U.S. mobile ad revenue reached $3bn H1 2013By 2015: 78% of U.S. consumers will own a mobile phone and one-half will have smartphonesAverage time spent with mobile outpacing all other media at 141 minutes/day 23. Take Advantage of Mobile Shift Over 17% of all Global web traffic is now being accessed from mobile Traditional ad units do not perform as well as mobile ad units Step 1: Mobilize your contentStep 2: Monetize your mobile visitors 24. Mobilizing Your Mobile Content Build Mobile Optimized Sites Load times File sizes Navigation Forms SimplicityRedirect users using JavaScript code 25. Other Options Responsive Design Building Native Apps - Saved on users phone - Additional SEO through App Store - New app only ad units 26. Monetizing Your Mobile Traffic 27. Which Advertisers Yield the Best Results on Mobile? 28. Mobile Ad Network Options 29. Types of Traffic Networks Ad Networks Supply-Side Platforms Mediation Layers Affiliate Networks/DIY 30. Types of Ad Units Banners Interstitials AppPromotions/Wall Incentivized Mobile Only 31. Payment Models CPM Cost per thousand impressions CPC Cost per click on creative ad unit CPA Cost per specific action as indicated by advertiser 32. Think eCPM eCPM is KING Balance of pricing and fill rate 33. Finding the Right Monetization Partner Goal Brand-safe Local or international? Resources 34. How Matomy Can Help? 35. Contact Us Facebook.com/MatomyMediaGrou p @[email protected] 36. Thank You 37. MONETIZATION MORNING 38. MONETIZATION MORNING2014AND BEYONDIndustry Trends and Top TipsGil Klein SVP Clients, Matomy Media Group Arun Mani VP Global Sales, AppNexus Alex Tsatkin VP Mobile, Matomy Media Group Esti Cohen Director of Data & RTB, Matomy Media GroupModerator Nurit Shaul Director, Business Development MediaWhiz 39. The Shift to Performance Gil Klein SVP Clients 40. Rising to the Top of BrowsingSeptember 201353.2%27.8%12.1%September 201244.1%32.2%16.4%September 201130.5%39.7%22.9% 41. Performance is the Clear Choice Internet Ad Revenues by Pricing Model% of Total RevenuesCPL, CPC, CPS, CPISource: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2012 Full Yearly Results 42. How to Get Unlimited Budgets? 43. Shift of Risk 44. One Tag vs. Multiple 45. Any customer can have a car painted any color he wants so long as it is black. Henry Ford 46. A/B Test Everything 47. Advertisers - They are Watching You 48. Focus on your Strengths 49. Stand out from the Rest 50. Looking Ahead 51. Traffic Sources 52. The Shift to MobileEveryone is Online 24/7 ! 53. How Do We Use Them? Mobile phones: Killing time, getting infoTablet: EntertainmentDesktop: do actual work 54. Mobile is Growing FasterSource emarketer 55. Where Will your Users Be? 56. Going Global49% 63% US 57. Dont Wait 58. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe Abraham Lincoln 59. Thank You 60. MONETIZATION MORNING