1 ANSWERING UPSR PAPER 2 Presented by: Irene Rachael Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris, SK. Taman Tun...

download 1 ANSWERING UPSR PAPER 2 Presented by: Irene Rachael Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris, SK. Taman Tun Aminah (2), Johor Bahru.

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Transcript of 1 ANSWERING UPSR PAPER 2 Presented by: Irene Rachael Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris, SK. Taman Tun...

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  • ANSWERING UPSR PAPER 2Presented by:Irene RachaelGuru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris,SK. Taman Tun Aminah (2), Johor Bahru

  • *PAPER 2 QUESTION 1Sentence Construction1 composite picture5 sentences Use compound sentences.MAY use given wordsCheck punctuation

  • *MARKING SCHEME- Q 1 ,2,3

    MARKSDESCRIPTIONEXCELLENT Excellent, confident use of language.Ideas - clear .Variety of sentence structures.Confident use of new words/ideas.Ideas well planned, relevant, linked.Accurate use of spelling/punctuationCREDIT

    Generally, confident use of language.Simple sentences, minor errors.Meaning still clear. Ideas SatisfactoryVocabulary can convey meaningFew punctuation/spelling errors



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    MARKSDESCRIPTIONACHIEVEMENTAble to write a few sentences correctly.Some single word errors.Meaning is clear.Most of the words used correctlyLOW ACHIEVEMENTVery poor use of language.Multiple errors .Ideas are incomprehensible.Limited/incorrect use of vocab.Many spelling/punctuation errorsNo answer given




  • *Assessment objectivesQuestion 1To assess candidates ability to construct sentencesTo write grammatically correct sentences using the words and stimulus

  • *SAMPLE 1SUBJECTVERBSuzie sits.The dog barks.Mother cooks. is sitting. is barking. is cooking.

  • *SAMPLE 2SUBJECTVERBSuzie and Siti sit.The dogs bark.Mother and sister cook. are sitting. are barking. are cooking.

  • *SUBJECTVERBSuzie and Sitiare sittingThe dogs are barkingMother and sister are cookingOBJECT/COMPLEMENTat the cat.in the kitchen.Encik Amin and Puan Rokiah areteachingEnglish .SAMPLE 3on a bench

  • *How sentences are built up1.Suzie is sitting.2.Suzie is sitting on the bench.3.Suzie is sitting on the bench in the canteen.4.Suzie is sitting on the long wooden bench in the crowded canteen.5. Suzie is sitting on the long wooden bench in the crowded canteen while her friend is lining up to buy ice-cream.

  • *SAMPLE 3SUBJECTVERBI amTeck HooiisJuana isADJECTIVE happy.honest.young and beautiful.Encik Amin and Puan Rokiah arevery hardworking.SAMPLE 4ADJECTIVE & OBJECTa happy girl.an honest boy.a young and beautiful lady.very hardworking teachers.

  • *SAMPLE 5SUBJECTVERBTheywereHeplaysI wentADJECTIVE/ OBJECT/ PLACEat schoolfootballto the post officeTheyarehappy TIMEyesterday.every afternoon.this morning.today.Remember, we can also start with time. E.g.Yesterday, they were at school.Every afternoon, he plays football.This morning, I went to the post office.Today, they are happy.football at schoolhappy children

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  • Average- weak Group1. night market This is the night market.

    2. stalls There are many stalls at the night market.

    3. people There are many people at the night market. People are buying and selling things at the night market.


  • 4. woman buying fruitsThe woman is buying fruits at the stall.

    5. girl eating ice creamThe girl is eating ice cream.

    6. man- buying fishThe man is buying some fish.

    7.woman- selling vegetablesThe woman is selling some vegetables.


  • *Excellent Group1.stalls selling- fruits, fish, vegetables- night market There are many stalls selling different kinds of fresh fruits, fish and vegetables at the night market.

    There are many stalls selling fruits, fish and vegetables which are fresh and cheap at the night market.

  • *2a. woman buying fruits2b.daughter-eating- ice-cream

    The woman is buying some fruits from thefruit seller while her daughter is eating anice-cream.

    The woman who is wearing a scarf is buyingsome fruits from the fruit seller while herdaughter beside her is eating an ice-cream.

  • *3. man- buying- fish-fishmonger

    A man is buying some fish from the fishmonger.

    A man is buying some fresh fish fromthe fat fishmonger.

  • *4. man- selling medicine people- looking-him

    The man who is sitting on the mat is selling some medicine and many people are looking at him.

    The man who is sitting on the mat is promoting the use of some medicine and many people are looking at him.

  • *5. baskets- fruits

    There are some papayas and bananas inthe baskets beside the fruit stall.

    There are two baskets full of sweet papayas and fresh bananas placed beside the fruit stall in the night market.

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  • Average/weak GroupfarmThis is a farm.peopleThere are four people in the farm.3. man feeding fishThe man is feeding the fish.4. chickens- coop-farmThere are some chickens in the coop/ farm.5.three- cowsThere are three cows at the farm


  • *A worker is pushing a wheel barrow with a few bags of fertilizers on it.A man who is wearing a hat is feeding the fish in the fish pond with fish food.A man who is sitting on the stool is milking one of the cows in the cow shed.

  • *A man who is wearing a pair of boots is feeding the chickens in the enclosure.

    There are some bags of fertilizers which are neatly arranged in a shed.

  • *Question 2To assess candidates ability to transfer information accurately and appropriately. from text into given frameworkTo transfer info fr one text type to a given framework.To write a short paragraph(s) on ones decision/choices

  • *Complete the tableMake choice Give opinions Give reasons } 3 -5 reasons } make comparisons

  • *Read the information given.Identify the information to be transferredTransfer the required words, phrases correctly.Take note of the spelling and punctuation e g. RM 4.80 not Rm 4.80 or rm 480 ice cream not ice cream or icecreamWriting must be legible ( neat )

  • * Read information carefully and understand it. Read the instruction and make you choice. Give logical opinions /ideas Use correct tenses/sentence structures Check sentences for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Write neatly so that it is legible

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    TOPIC / AREA OF INTERESTSREASONS1. Place / LocationsIt is near my house,so I can go there easily.It is exciting to visit this place because there are many interesting and attractive spots.It is a nice and beautiful place to visit.I have never been to this place before, so I am very eager to go there.2. Prices / costs / feesThe price is low, that is only RM .Although the price is high, it is reasonable and affordable.It is a reasonable price and I think I can afford it.I can afford to buy it.

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    FooddrinksMenumealIt is delicious and tasty.It is my favourite foodIt is easy to cook / to prepare / to serve.It is good for health because it contains vitamins / minerals and protein.I like the taste.It is nutritious .It offers free..4. Transport vehiclesIt is the most comfortable way of travelling.It is an economical way of travelling.It is more convenient / comfortable.It is a faster means of transport, so I will not feel bored.I can reach the destination earlier.I like to see the beautiful scenery along the way.

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    5.Free discount offer / prices The offer is attractive. I like it very much.I can save my money.I can use the money to buy something else.I can use my money to buy books.I can add in my collection.I can get it cheaper . I can get it at a low price.I can keep it as a souvenir.6. Activities contest Competi-tion. The activities are very interesting and challenging.The activities are suitable for my age.I can get a lot of knowledge .I can meet a lot of friends by joining the contest / competition.I am talented in so I can have the opportunity to show my talent.This activity is very useful and has a lot of benefits.This activity is simple and easy to do.

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    7.Pets It is a cute animal.It is easy to look after.I can take care of it easily.I can play with it.I can have a company.It helps to look after the house.It is easier to manage as it eats only (grains)8. Society / clubThe activities are interesting.It can increase my knowledge.It teaches me to be independent.It gives me chance to mix around.I can get many new friends.I can cooperate with the other members.It has a lot of benefits.I can learn many new things.

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    9. Colour / patterns/fashion.It is beautiful.It is attractive and nice.It suits me.It is the latest design and fashion.I like the colour.It is my favourite colour.10. Hobby / InterestI will enjoy myself doing it.I can share my hobby with my friends as we havethe same interest.I can do something beneficial during my free time.It can widen my knowledge.I can get many friends.11. Time taken / Durationof time.It takes a shorter time to finish my work.It takes a shorter time to reach the destination.The time given is enough for me to complete my work.12. Topic / Title / ThemeThe topic is suitable for my age.The topic is very interesting.The topic is very simple and easy.The topic is related to our daily life.

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    13. Facilities I will feel comfortable with the facilities provided.I will feel more convenient.I can use the facilities provided.I can save my money and time.14. Occupa-tionsI can earn more money for a living.It teaches me to be responsible.It teaches me to be independent.I am committed to my job.I can support my parents.15.Age groupIt is suitable for me as I am . years old.I am eligible , so I can take part.16. Pen palHe/ she is from If I have the chance, I will visit his / her country one day.We have the same hobbies, so we can exchange ideas.We share the same hobby / interest / idea.We are of the same age.She/