1. 2 Chairing a meeting… 3 OPENING Lets get started Lets start Shall we start Lets get down to...

download 1. 2 Chairing a meeting… 3 OPENING Lets get started Lets start Shall we start Lets get down to work.

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Transcript of 1. 2 Chairing a meeting… 3 OPENING Lets get started Lets start Shall we start Lets get down to...

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1 Slide 2 2 Chairing a meeting Slide 3 3 OPENING Lets get started Lets start Shall we start Lets get down to work Slide 4 4 Chairing a meeting STATING OBJECTIVES The aim is to The objective is to We need to work on Were here to discuss Slide 5 5 Chairing a meeting INTERRUPTING Could I ask a question? Sorry but may I say something? Sorry to interrupt Slide 6 6 Chairing a meeting ASKING FOR CLARIFICATION Could you please explaining that? What do you mean by? Could you repeat that please? I didnt get it Slide 7 7 MOVING ON ok, lets move on to Next point is I think were getting side tracked Were off the subject, lets go back to it Chairing a meeting Slide 8 8 CONCLUDING I think thats everything for today I think were done for today Slide 9 9 Discussing Slide 10 10 Discussing POUR DEBUTER First Firstly At first First of all To start / to begin As an introduction To get started Slide 11 11 Discussing ENSUITE Secondly. Second of all Next After To follow To continue Slide 12 12 Discussing AJOUTER Moreover Furthermore In addition Slide 13 13 Discussing POUR CONCLURE To finish To end Last At last Finally Last point Slide 14 14 Opinion Slide 15 15 GIVING OPINION My opinion is... I think... In my mind... According to me... As far as i am concerned... Opinion Slide 16 16 ASKING FOR OPINION What do you think about... Whats your opinion of... How do you feel about... Whats your point of view According to you... Do you agree on... Do you agree with... What do you have in mind Opinion Slide 17 17 AGREEING I agree completely I couldnt agree more Absolutely Definitely Youre absolutely right I suppose thats true Im inclined to agree with you on that Opinion Slide 18 18 DISAGREEING Im sorry, but I really cant agree Im afraid I cant go along with you on that. Youre totally wrong I totally disagree Opinion Slide 19 19 To remember Franais Franais Il est clair que Il est vident que Permettez-moi de vous dire que Je suppose que vous vous posez (tous) des questions au sujet de Inutile de vous dire que En ce qui concerne Je parie que vous ne savez pas que Vous serez surpris d'apprendre que Anglais It's clear that It's obvious that Let me tell you that I suppose you are (all) wondering about Needless to say As far as... is / are concerned I bet that you don't know that You will be surprised to hear that Slide 20 20 To remember Franais Franais Cela vous surprendra srement d'apprendre que Je peux vous assurer que Ainsi que je l'ai dit prcdemment Laissez-moi vous rappeler que Comme vous le savez dj De plus Une chose encore A propos Anglais It will probably surprise you to hear that I can assure you that As I said before Let me remind you that As you already know What's more / On top of that / Moreover One more thing By the way / Incidentally Slide 21 21 To remember Franais Franais Ce Considrons prsent D'un ct... et d'un autre ct... Dernier point mais non des moindres Finalement Est-ce clair jusque l ? Vous voyez ce que je veux dire ? Y a-t-il des questions ? Je vais donc conclure en (+ verbe -ant) Anglais Let's now consider On the one hand... on the other hand Last but not least Finally Is that clear so far ? You see what I mean ? Are there any questions ? I will (therefore) conclude by (+ verb -ing) Slide 22 22 hank you for your attention! Thank you for your attention!