07 Habits of Successful People

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07 Habits of Successful People

Coach Roberto Licolicoreis@licoreis.com

1 In today's workplace, computers and electronic communications are the norm rather than the exception. Computers, e-mail, electronic databases and on-line research play an important role in many businesses today. Technological advances have made electronic communication indispensable in today's workplace. According to recent reports, text messaging figures into L.A. train wreck probe. Investigators of last weeks L.A. train wreck that killed 25 people are looking into a report that an engineer blamed for missing a stop signal light may have been distracted by text messaging. Today, we will discuss the ever-increasing use of technology in the workplace, its potential for abuse and how employers can protect themselves.

People are always figuring out ways to succeed. Here are some tips to help to find a way to success.


Step outside your industry

People get stuck inside their industry bubble. Read about different areas of work or meet with people with other backgrounds to gather information you can take back with you.


Learn to embrace the unexpected

Flexibility is key when life can quickly take you in a new direction. Embrace the unexpected and you will be ready for wherever life takes you.


Enjoy the ride

It is important to remember that success is a journey, not a destination. Take a moment to reflect to where you are in life, understand how far you have come and look forward to all the excitement ahead.


Make time for mentors

Mentors are important for providing tried and true experiences and guidance for young professionals. They will help you to get ahead if you give them time to help you.


Dont ask for permission

You have to learn to take initiative. If you ask for permission for each task you wish to accomplish, you could slow down you professionally. Take a step independently and see where it can lead you.


Take a moment to pause

Try to unplug and pause during your daily routine. It will help you refocus on your goals and help you re-energize.


Spend time with friends

Friends and family should be a priority. At times it may feel like work is your life, but thats when it is important to remember your relationships and how they can put all your efforts into perspective.


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10Last year, the inability to produce subpoenaed e-mail resulted in million dollareven billion dollarlawsuits against U.S. companies.

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