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Muay Thai Training Creative tourism in thailand

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Muay Thai TrainingC r e a t i v e t o u r i s m i n t h a i l a n d

Thai Cooking Classes

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A journey to discover your inner strength

There is a part of you that you have yet to discover

journey to Thailand, Southeast Asia’s emerald, offers a rare opportunity to discover another you. It is difficult to put one’s finger on a

single attribute that makes Thailand so alluring. Its sheer beauty and rich history have drawn visitors for as long as one can remember. At the core of Thailand are its people offering warm hospitality, age-old wisdom and centuries-old art and tradition.

AThailand’s diverse landscape offers an array of learning activities for visitors with local experts eager to share their knowledge. Through experiential travel, visitors to Thailand can expect life-changing lessons revealing undiscovered aspects of themselves.

Muay Thai Training

Photo by Baan Chang Thai Photo by Fairtex Bangplee

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uay Thai is probably the most unique subject you can study in Thailand where you’ll learn an ancient and fascinating sport,

but more importantly you’ll gain a new confidence in yourself.


I’ve discovered that I’m fearless.

Steeped in tradition and folklore, Muay Thai’s roots date back to the ancient Siamese kingdoms. It is undoubtedly a demanding sport that takes practitioners to new physical limits. It is through this highly disciplined training that students discover their inner strength, as mind over body is the ultimate form of perseverance. It is sometimes said a student does not learn to fight his opponent but rather finds the fighter in him or herself. Travelers seeking an unparalleled experience will walk away with a new sense of confidence and the ability to conquer any moments of self-doubt in their day-to-day lives.

Muay Thai, often called Thai Boxing or Kick Boxing by foreigners, is Thailand’s national sport and remains popular throughout the country. It has a lot of prestige in Thailand and is gaining international recognition through world competitions, many of these broadcast on global television networks. And more and more students are spreading the excitement of the sport to their home countries.

Spectators can see exciting and fast passed bouts in stadiums throughout the country. Fighters strike their opponent with their hands, feet, knees and elbows, and use clinching techniques in an often furious struggle in a standard-sized boxing ring.

The sport takes a lot of training, both mental and physical, to reach fighting condition. But the benefits of that training start right away, and many people study Muay Thai for the conditioning and never fight. It has been a man’s sport for centuries but, in recent years, has gained popularity with women, both for its vigorous workout to stay in shape, and for a few to fight against opponents in the ring.

Photo by Sor Vorapin Gym

Photo by Sor Vorapin Gym

Photo by Baan Chang ThaiPhoto by Tiger Muay Thai

Photo by Thai Boxing Pattaya

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Nearly every city and small town in Thailand has a Muay Thai ring and several places where Muay Thai fighters practice, but the best locations for foreigners who don’t speak Thai are in the following cities:

Bangkok, Chiang mai, Chonburi, hua hin, Prachuapkhirikhan, Koh samui, Phangan, surat thani, nakhonratchasima, Pathumthani, Phuket, samutprakarn, samutsongkhram, ubon ratchathani

Where To Learn

Photo by Fairtex Muay Thai Photo by Baan Chang Thai

Photo by Fairtex Bangplee

Photo by Chacrit Muay Thai School

Photo by Fairtex Bangplee

Photo by Tiger Muay Thai

Photo by Sor Vorapin Gym

Photo by Sor Vorapin GymPhoto by Chacrit Muay Thai School

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BangkokBaan Chang Thaiwww.samkhum.com

Chacrit Muay Thai Schoolwww.chacritmuaythaischool.com

Cielo Boxing gymwww.cieloboxinggym.com


kru Dam gymwww.krudamgym.com

Por Pra Muk gymwww.muaythaicombat.com

Sor Vorapin gymwww.thaiboxings.com

Chiang MaiLanna Doi Modt hill Campwww.muaythai-hillcamp.com/contact%20us.html

Muay Thai Sanghawww.muaysangha.com/index.htm

Santai Muay Thai gym Thailandwww.muay-thai-santai.com

ChonBuriFairtex Muay Thaiwww.fairtex-muaythai.com/web/home.html

Thai Boxing Pattaya www.thaiboxingpattaya.com

Tony Muay Thai acadewww.tonydisco.com/muay%20thai%20final/welcome.html

hua hin, PraChuaPkhirikhanThai Boxing gardenwww.thaiboxing-garden.com

koh SaMui, anD Phangan, SuraT Thanihorizon Muay Thaiwww.horizonmuaythai.com

Lamai Muay Thai Campwww.lamaimuaythaicamp.com

Muay Thai Martial arts academywww.muaythaitraining.com

Superpro Samuiwww.superprosamui.com

nakhonraTChaSiMaMuay Thai Doctorwww.muaythaidoctor.com/?cid=491729

PaThuMThaniMuay Thai instutute www.muaythai-institute.net

PhukeTrawai Muay Thai Campwww.rawaimuaythai.com

Suwit Muay Thai Campwww.muaythai-thailand.com/index.html

Tiger Muay Thai & MMa Training Campwww.tigermuaythai.com

SaMuTPrakarnFairtex www.fairtexbangplee.com

SaMuTSongkhraMJ D Muay Thaiwww.jd-muaythai.com

uBon raTChaThaniLegacy gymwww.legacygym.com

Directory of places offering

Muay ThaI TraInIng

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