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  • Once you are successful in completing the courses required to become a lifeguard or instructor the opportunities are endless. Some of the advantages that you will have include:

     National certification with the ability to work at any pool, waterslide, beach or waterfront anywhere in Canada

     Great work environment, warm pools in winter or at the beach in summer.

     Future employment opportunities in the recreation field. Employers value your dedication!

     Acquire skills that are life long and can save lives. Build your resume for life!

     Higher entry level pay than many other jobs.

     Work with people who enjoy this career. Stay fit and enjoy a healthy life style.

     Access to a broad range of recreational programs and facilities.

    British Columbia & Yukon 112 - 3989 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 6N5 Tel: 604-299-5450 Fax: 604-299-5795 Email: [email protected] www.lifesaving.bc.ca Alberta & Northwest Territories 11759 Groat Road Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6 Tel: 780-415-1755 Fax: 780-427-9334 Email: [email protected] www.lifesaving.org Saskatchewan 2224 Smith Street Regina, SK S4P 2P4 Tel: 306-780-9255 Fax: 306-780-9498 Email: [email protected] www.lifesavingsociety.sk.ca Manitoba 504 - 138 Portage Avenue E Winnipeg, MB R3C 0A1 Tel: 204-956-2124 Fax: 204-944-8546 Email: [email protected] www.lifesaving.mb.ca Ontario & Nunavut 400 Consumers Road Toronto, ON M2J 1P8 Tel: 416-490-8844 Fax: 416-490-8766 Email: [email protected] www.lifesavingsociety.com Quebec 4545 Pierre de Coubertin Ave. PO Box 1000, Station M Montreal, PQ H1V 3R2 Tel: 514-252-3100 Tel: 1-800-265-3093 Fax: 514-254-6232 Email: [email protected] www.sauvetage.qc.ca

    New Brunswick 34 - 55 Whiting Road Fredericton, NB, E3B 5Y5 Tel: 506-455-LSNB (5762) Fax: 506-450-SWIM (7946) Email: [email protected] www.lifesavingnb.ca Nova Scotia 5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th floor Halifax, NS B3J 1G6 Tel: 902-425-5450 Fax: 902-425-5605 Email: [email protected] www.lifesavingsociety.ns.ca Prince Edward Island PO Box 2411 Charlottetown, PEI C1A 4A0 Tel: 902-368-7757 Fax: 902-368-7757 Email:[email protected] www.lifesavingpei.ca Newfoundland & Labrador PO Box 8065, Station A St. John’s, NF A1B 3M9 Tel: 709-576-1953 Fax: 709-576-1953 Email: [email protected] www.lifesavingnl.ca National Office 287 McArthur Avenue Ottawa, ON K1L 6P3 Tel: 613-746-5694 Fax: 613-746-9929 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] www.lifesaving.ca


    The Rewards of The Rewards of

    Becoming a Lifeguard Becoming a Lifeguard

    & Lifesaving Instructor& Lifesaving Instructor

    mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesaving.bc.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesaving.org/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingsociety.sk.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesaving.mb.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingsociety.com/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.sauvetage.qc.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingnb.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingsociety.ns.ca/ mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingpei.ca mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesavingnl.ca mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected] http://www.lifesaving.ca/

  • The Rewards of Becoming a Lifeguard & Lifesaving Instructor The process to become a lifeguard and lifesaving instructor is challenging yet rewarding. The information and skills obtained in each course carries over into the next level to help candidates succeed. Here is a guide to help you along the way.

    NATIONAL LIFEGUARD POOL Pre-requisites:  16 years of age by the day of the exam  Bronze Cross by the first day of the course (does not need

    to be current)  Standard First Aid by the first day of the course (does not

    need to be current)

    National Lifeguard certification is Canada’s professional lifeguarding standard. The Lifesaving Society has developed a training curriculum which provides candidates a sound understanding of lifeguarding principles, good judgment and communication skills as well as a responsible attitude towards lifeguarding duties. A lifeguard’s primary role is the prevention of emergency situations and when necessary, a timely, effective response. National Lifeguard training is designed to prepare can- didates for the duties they will encounter as professional facilitators of safe and enjoyable aquatic activities. Lifeguards can chose training in one or all of the National Lifeguard certifications: National Lifeguard Pool, Waterpark, Waterfront or Surf.

    LIFESAVING AND FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR COURSE Pre-requisites:  16 years of age by the day of the exam  Bronze Cross by the first day of the course (does not

    need to be current)  Standard First Aid by the first day of the course (does

    not need to be current)

    Our leadership programs are designed to ensure that Lifesaving Society Instructors, Examiners and Instructor Trainers are able to offer the highest quality of instruction and evaluation to potential candidates. The Lifesaving and First Aid Instructor course includes the following certifications:  Swim For Life™ Instructor Teaches and examines all of the levels in the Swim for Life™ Program  Lifesaving Instructor and Examiner

    Teaches and examine Canadian Swim Patrol, Bronze Awards and Award of Distinction.

     Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Teaches and examine CPR Levels A, B & C; Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid Programs.

     Lifesaving Advanced Instructor Required for all higher leadership training pro- grams.

    The Canadian Swim Patrol Program (Rookie, Ranger, Star) is the 3-level pre-Bronze award progression that provides enriched training for children. It is an excellent introduction to lifesaving skills. Though a "work hard/play hard" train- ing approach for skilled swimmers 8 - 12 years of age, candidates develop lifesaving knowledge, skills and physical fitness to enable them to make Water Smart

    choices and to safely peform low risk water rescues.

    BRONZE STAR Prerequisites:  Canadian Swim Patrol (recommended but not required) This award is the pre-Bronze Medallion training standard and excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion. Candidates develop problem solving and decision making skills as individuals and with partners. Bronze Star is an alternate prerequisite and an excellent preparation for Bronze Medallion. This course includes CPR level A.

    BRONZE MEDALLION Prerequisites:  Bronze Star by first day of course (does not need to be

    current) OR 13 years by the last day of the course. This course teaches an understanding of lifesaving princi- ples embodied in the four components of water rescue education (judgment, knowledge, skills and fitness) in preparation for challenging rescues of increased risk and complexity. This course includes CPR Level A.

    BRONZE CROSS Prerequisites:  Bronze Medallion by the first day of the course (does

    not need to be current). This course is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced lifesaving training, including an introduction into safety supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite award for most advanced training programs. This course includes CPR level C.