■ Google’s Ad Distribution Network

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Google’s Ad Distribution Network Primary Benefits of AdWords Online Advertising Stats and Trends Appendix: Basic AdWords Features Introduction to AdWords Presentation Topics www.eBrandz.com

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Presentation Topics. ■ Introduction to AdWords. ■ Google’s Ad Distribution Network. ■ Primary Benefits of AdWords. ■ Online Advertising Stats and Trends. ■ Appendix: Basic AdWords Features. www.eBrandz.com. What is Google?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Googles Ad Distribution Network Primary Benefits of AdWords Online Advertising Stats and Trends Appendix: Basic AdWords Features Introduction to AdWordsPresentation Topicswww.eBrandz.com

  • What is Google?Google has a search engine that will gather, sort & report information from the Internet, based on your topic of interest.But, Google also offers a lot more than search alonewww.eBrandz.com

  • Your customers see your ad when they searchCredit card processingGoogle technology places your ad on the most relevant content pagesWhat is Google Advertising?What is Google Advertising?www.eBrandz.com

  • Your customers see your ad when they surf Google Network propertiesGoogle technology places your ad on the most relevant content pages What is Google Advertising?www.eBrandz.com

  • Credit card processingTargeted advertising.Better advertiser ROI than untargeted ads.Improved user experience.Keyword Advertisingwww.eBrandz.com

  • A Typical AdWords Ad Display URL (35 character limit) Ad Text (35 character limit) Ad Title (25 character limit)www.eBrandz.com

  • The Google Network consists of Google sites & partner properties that use Google AdSense to serve AdWords ads

    These properties include: Search sites, content pages, newsletters, email services & discussion boards

    Googles Ad Distribution Networkwww.eBrandz.com

  • With the Google Network advertisers can:

    Reach a vast and highly-targeted audienceTarget ads to search results and relevant Web contentOpt-in or opt-out of search and content distribution (default is opt-in for all advertisers)

    Note: by default, AdWords ads appear on Google.comGoogle Network Basicswww.eBrandz.com

  • Ad Distribution ExampleCash Advancewww.eBrandz.com

  • What Google can do for AdvertisersAdvertising on Google can help an advertiser meet many objectives Determining, measuring, and tracking metrics helps ensure successGenerate awarenessBuild brandEducate prospectsTargeted impressionsQualified visits your websiteDepth of involvementRequest for proposalsCoupon downloadsNewsletter registrationsEmail address opt-insGenerate leadsIdentify prospectsCustomer acquisitionSalesSales conversions = $$$Lower cost per lead/salewww.eBrandz.com

    ObjectiveExample Success Metrics

  • The primary benefits of AdWords include :

    ReachCostTimingFlexibilityBenefits of AdWordswww.eBrandz.com

  • Benefits of AdWords : ReachThe Google Network reaches over 80% of Internet users*www.eBrandz.com

  • Google Reaches Global MarketsGoogle is arguably the most global commercial Web site ever built. John Yunker, Chief Analyst, Byte Level ResearchReach customers around the world on one platformwww.eBrandz.com

  • No minimum spendYou choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)Choose how much you want to spend per click for every keywordPay Google for users who click on your adMore cost-effective than Yellow Pages, Banner Ads & Direct Mail*Conversion tracking = real-time return-on-investment data

    Benefits of AdWords : Costwww.eBrandz.com

  • Example: How AdWords Can Pay for Itself$1,000 initial investment in AdWords$1.00 CPC 1,000 clicks10% conversion rate = 100 salesAverage sale = $100 $1K investment returns $10K in salesReinvest profits, increase budgetwww.eBrandz.com

  • Ads are continuously matched to Internet users interestsAds are placed as buying decisions are made

    The Result :You reach your audience at the right time, with the right message

    Benefits of AdWords : TimingTimingwww.eBrandz.com

  • Example : Ads Show on Relevant Content PagesYour customers see your ad when they surf relevant Google Network propertieswww.eBrandz.com

  • See your ads on Google quicklyOptimize and change your ads continually to increase ROITarget multiple locations and languagesBenefits of AdWords: FlexibilityFlexibilitywww.eBrandz.com

  • ReachAccess to ~80% of Internet users worldwide

    CostLow costs for high ROIPay Google when users click on your ads

    TimingAds are seen by users looking to purchaseReach your audience at the right time, with the right message

    FlexibilityStart advertising quicklyUnlimited changes, whenever you wantYou can target ads to the specific location & language of your customersBenefits of AdWords : Summarywww.eBrandz.com

  • Online Advertising Stats & Trendswww.eBrandz.com

  • Search Now the Largest Share of Online Ads% Online Advertising Revenuewww.eBrandz.com

  • Search Advertising is Far More Cost EffectiveSearch Advertising is cheap and effective vs. other ad methodswww.eBrandz.com

  • Cost-per-click pricing Ad impressions & click-through ratesLanguage & location targetingBasic Features of AdWordsThe basic features of AdWords include:www.eBrandz.com

  • Basic Definition: CPCCPC: Cost-Per-clickClick : The action a user takes to select your ad and be taken to your website.Google charges the advertiser when a user clicks on your adwww.eBrandz.com

  • Impression: The appearance of your ad on Google or one of our partner sitesBasic Definition: CTRCTR : Click through ratewww.eBrandz.com

  • CTR ExamplesCTR is how Google measures relevance www.eBrandz.com

  • Benefits of AdWords Location & Language TargetingTargeting options : you can target ads by location and language Region/Local Country, Global & Customized Targeting. Roughly 40 different language targeting options to choose from.www.eBrandz.com

  • Example: you have local flower shops in the San Francisco Bay Area.Example: you run a restaurant in Chicago.Region/City Targeting ExamplesWhen should you use regional targeting?www.eBrandz.com

  • When should you use country targeting? Use if you have national or global customers Example: you ship to the U.S. only. Target your campaign to the U.S. Country Targetingwww.eBrandz.com

  • If you have a global business, give your campaigns global exposure

    Example: If you sell DVDs and have worldwide distribution, you should target your campaign to all countriesGlobal Targetingwww.eBrandz.com

  • Use Customized Targeting to target highly specific areasFor example, to reach customers located in an area that cannot be targeted accurately using region or city targetingExample: pizza delivery serviceCustomized Targetingwww.eBrandz.com

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